This is our last week of cooking for the 36 guys in the hotel. in 2020.

At this moment in time we don’t know what is happening to them. Will they be found accommodation or will they be out on the Streets again?

As a group we have enjoyed cooking and baking for these men and ladies. And we know they have enjoyed our meals. Although we have never seen where they are being housed in temporary accommodation we do get feed back and they are eternally grateful for the food they have been receiving from this group of volunteers from the Norwich and surrounding areas.

We have been blessed with some amazing donations from the general public and supermarkets. Too numerous to mention. Thank you to everyone.

We, Anon – Feeding the Homeless will be out on the Streets taking food the first week of July and we will continue for the rest of the year, as we always do.

It will be different though as Norwich City Council have removed the stall from the Haymarket. It was the old jewellery stall we used and we used to serve the food from there to 80+ people on a Sunday evening. In July, Social distancing still has to be observed, so we will find another way to get the food to the clients on the streets.

We will continue.