March 2023

I’ve recently been introduced to the Rife machine. I have bought one and been practising on family and myself.

Watch this space for more information.

I am still seeing clients as and when they contact me for spiritual healing.

I am also running a group for like minded people re spirituality, healing, natural ways of healing etc. These are all new people that have found their way to me since the pandemic. Exciting times ahead.

One never knows what life is going to throw at you. I am going with the flow and doing whatever feels right at this moment in time. Taking time to rest up and be at peace in nature. Spring has arrived and the daffodils are starting to open along with other flowers for this time of year.

The fish are now starting to become active in our pond, and that is a sign that the atmosphere is starting to become warm.

I love my garden and we have been blessed in past years with hedgehogs. So, we have been putting out food for them every night and also water. We have had such fun watching these little creatures come for their food. It is November now and the hogs are still eating. So we will continue to put the food and water out till they don’t want it any more. We feed them dried cat food.

In the Winter of 2022 the hedgehogs didn’t visit our garden as much. A few times we had a visitor to the hedgehog house, but not throughout the cold months.

During the Winter months we took the tiny hoglets to PACT for their wildlife experts to take care of them and fatten them up through the cold months ready for the next spring for the hedgehogs to be released back into the wild. Keeping our fingers crossed they decide to visit us again.

October 2020

“Healing” takes place every second of every day. Taken from The Manual for Teachers. A Course in Miracles