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About me

I live in Norfolk, England and offer Spiritual healing, Soul Readings and Trance Healing on a one-to-one basis on Zoom, Messenger and/or Whatsapp during the Covid-19 lockdown. These consultations have worked very well for my clients and for myself. An opportunity to be able to have a consultation during the covid-19 pandemic time at a time convenietn to us both from the luxury of your own home. No travelling involved!

I’m thinking this is maybe a way forward for some people as they live so far away from me and this is a way for us to meet one to one.

This also gives the opportunity for people living in another part of the world to connect with me. We can arrange a mutual time.

I have completed my training with Sue Hind to develop my Mediumship, and Simone Key for my Trance work. I am now offering Spiritual mediumship readings and trance healing as and when requested. Contact me for more details. Check out my page on Spiritual Mediumship Readings

I repeat myself by saying, “It is amazing how people find me”, and what I also say is, “when the pupil is ready the teacher will appear”.

At this present time I have been finding lots of people are wondering what is happening to them relating to spiritual development and the sickness they have in their body.

For quite a while now people have been coming to me with their years and years of Anger, Grief and Pain, and the work I have been doing with them has been truly amazing using NLP, Time Line, Spiritual healing and Past life work.

We have the opportunity to come together and I give you the opportunity to talk about some of the experiences you are having. It is often not understood what is happening and I feel blessed that I am able to assist you in finding the answers within yourself, to some of your many questions.

I use my intuition along with helping you to connect to your own Soul guidance. Some of the results have been “out of this world”. Clients letting go of the “pain” they have carried around with them for so, so long.

I have also been working with clients, clearing the grief of their recent and longstanding bereavements. These times are wonderful when someone can be helped to release this grief.

All in all some very happy people are experiencing a more positive step forward, which has been wonderful for them and also inspiring for me. I never cease to be amazed at the ‘miracles’ that take place.

Thank you, each and everyone of you who have given me the opportunity to continue to work with the ‘Light and Love’ and bring this energy into the World.

I feel at this time of my journey, the Source (Spirit) is working through me in different ways, encouraging me to ‘Bring the Light’ to introduce you to the ‘Love’ to support more people and help them on their own journey, whatever that may be.

to I don’t give you the answers, but I have the means to guide you, to assist you in finding the answers within yourself, using your own Soul guidance, to find your Soul purpose.

Don’t let us forget – we ALL have the knowledge, which is already within us. My work is to just REMIND YOU of this knowledge. All it takes is for you to connect to your own Higher Self and the Source, and to make the space and take the time to listen.

I sometimes wonder where my work will take me, but I know wherever it may be, it will be…………… “HEAVEN ON EARTH”.

Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to help you find whatever it is you are looking for.

Over the years of my healing journey I have tried many things to do around healing and helping myself to become Whole again.

I am now at the stage in my life where I believe I have the courage to share the Secret. . . .

I believe that it is only when we connect to our inner guidance that we are able to allow the body to heal itself to heal our Mind.

I am a member of the Doctor Healer Network which is an organisation that has doctors and healers who both have an interest in working together in the medical world.

Here is a look at ‘My Journey’ over the years.

It was in 1983 that my interest started in ‘spiritual’ matters. My curiosity had started, and so it continues to this day. In those days there were not the books available in our little county of Norfolk. Gradually though the books came to hand and I was on my journey of enlightenment into the spiritual world.

I became a member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) in 1990 and along with a colleague we were the first Accredited Tutors of the NFSH teaching Spiritual Healing in the County of Norfolk.

In 1994, whilst working at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, I ran Relaxation and Meditation classes for the hospital staff.

In 1994 it was reported in the local press and regional TV channels of my becoming the “First healer to work within a doctors’ surgery”, in Norwich. Cartoon by Tony Hall, Eastern Daily Press on 23 June 1994.

From 1995 I decided that healing was my future and I decided to devote my time to developing myself as a Spiritual healer.

In these early years myself and a couple of colleagues prepared and presented at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, a day for Doctors and nurses, introducing them to Spiritual healing, Dr Bach Flower remedies and Meditation.

From 1996, I took the Healing course out to the general public …. Braved myself to show others what I was interested in and taught Spiritual healing courses within the structure of the Norfolk Adult Education system. I also offered Healer Training courses at the Charing Cross Centre, Norwich and The Woburn Centre, Guildhall Hill, Norwich. Healing Circles were also held once a month at the Woburn Centre.

In 1997 and 1999 I went to India and stayed at the Sai Baba Ashram. In 1999 whilst staying at the Ashram I learnt Sanjeevini (Healing with Prayers) from Dr Ram, a well respected Homeopath from India, who is a devotee of Sai Baba.

“Doctor! Doctor!, What’s the Alternative?”. In February 1999 on my return from India, I was invited by the UEA (University of East Anglia), to be on the debating panel of the Town and Gown Event. The debate was chaired by Dr Tom Stuttaford, Medical Columnist of The Times. An excellent opportunity to hold my own with a panel of other speakers, answering questions from the audience.

I have over the years studied the following: Guild of Vibrational Medicine in Flowers, Gems & Crystals, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner level, Time Line, Natural Nutrition and EIP (Energy Interference Patterning-DNA). Angelic healing and did some study in Counselling.

After many years of teaching, I felt there was more to teach my students than ‘just’ spiritual healing. With the knowledge I had gained over the years of training in different modalities I decided – it is time to start my own training school – where I could share with others the knowledge I had gained and used, sometimes successfully in my life.

In 2003 I formed the School of Universal Light (SOUL) and the courses I offered were a varied range of subjects designed to help in all aspects of life. We shared some wonderful times together and I am grateful to the many people who have enriched my life, and continue to do so.

I have over the years dipped my finger into lots of different things.

Also read many books over the years, and met some amazing people both therapists and clients alike. They have all enriched my soul. I Love them All for they brought to me things I needed to learn.

Some of these times were difficult and challenging but I worked through them and am here to tell the tale, and Now …. On to the next adventure.

In 2015 I decided to look at Angelic Reiki healing, working with Angels and the Ascended Masters.

I have over the years sat in spiritual circles to develop my mediumship. This development continues to this day including sitting in a circle for Trance development.

At present I am taking time out from teaching, but in the future I will be offering some teachings relating to my understanding at this present time. I believe we need to go with the flow and change as the Universe and we evolve.

I am planning to offer workshops on subjects from other practitioners. Let me know what you would like to learn and I might know someone who could teach you in a workshop environment. The groups will only be for small numbers of people.

Nowadays my time is spent seeing clients on a one-to-one basis for spiritual healing/ development and spiritual guidance.

1991 to 2018 were the years my husband Terry (aka Rudolph) and I organised the first Natural Healing/Mind, Body, Spirit Exhibitions. We ran with it for 27 years and we had a blast. I loved every minute of those years, doing the organising, meeting our visitors and we met some wonderful, exceptional people along the way, both exhibitors and general public alike. It became a family gathering. There wasnt much money in those early years and people would “save up” their money to spend at the fair. The fairs were held every October and in those days we were one of only two fairs being held in Norwich each year. Nothing like it had ever been held before and it was exciting for the day to come around.

Gradually as the latter years went by other fairs started to pop up in and around Norwich.

My husband Terry and I ran the fairs from 1991 to 2018, starting at the Norwich City football ground, then on to the Hewett School and finally we exhibited at the City Academy in Norwich. Times were changing and there were more fairs, there wasn’t the interest as much, gone were the days when we attracted over 1000 people over two days….So the time came to say, “I need to let go”, and move on, Spirit was calling me in another direction.. Therefore in 2018 I decided it was time to let-go of my ‘baby’ and follow my path to places unknown.

Thank you everybody who was ever involved in the fairs, I love you and honour you for your Love and friendship. We are truly grateful.

I had done what I set out to do, and that was to share the Love of healing with hundreds of people over the years in and around Norfolk, within the framework of my Training School and the Mind Body Soul fairs. I know that happened. We spread the word far and wide and had an amazing time, shared the LOVE and met some wonderful people on our life’s journey. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support. LOVE YOU ALL.

As at 2020 – Johnny Fincham and Naomi from Innana’s Festival in Norwich continue to hold fairs at the Forum, Norwich. Johnny’s fair was the first in Norwich in 1990 held at St Gregory’s Church, Pottergate, Norwich. Those early days were groundbreaking.