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Distant Healing

I offer distant healing which is also referred to as Absent Healing. Over 4,000 names appear in my Distant Healing Book. The book has been in use since my early days of healing from 1991 and the names have been written by people requesting healing for themselves. If you would like healing for yourself or a loved one, send me an email via the Contact Me page on the website and your name will be put in my Distant Healing Book where prayers are said daily for healing. Distant healing is also available for your pets.

There is no need to write reams of information. As God in his wisdom knows exactly who you are and what your needs are. Each day I ask for these people in my healing book to be sent healing from the highest Source of Love and Light and to ask they be helped to deal with whatever is happening for them at this moment in time.
People ask, which works best, distant healing or hands on healing? I say, both are as effective as the other.

Whilst many requests are made by the person seeking my help, many are made on behalf of those unable to contact me directly. A name, location and approximate age. I do prefer that those on whose behalf requests are made, know that distant healing has been requested for them.

If healing help is requested, please understand this is not a substitute to receiving regular medical help and advice from your doctor(s). This advice/treatments should continue to be sought and followed. Do not stop any medication or treatments whilst receiving healing.

There is no charge for distant healing. It is The Universal Life Force Energy that heals and that is God’s free gift to everyone. But, if you feel you would like to make a donation, then I suggest you send your love to Dianne and this site and the work that is done here. Many people benefit in a variety of ways. How about doing some random gift of kindness for someone, and/or for the environment such as plant a tree. That would be your donation for the healing you have received.

Otherwise there is a Donation box where money sent will help with the Homeless and/or Tibetan Monks.

If you would like to email me after healing is received it would be good to hear from you.Use the Contact page to email me with your details.

Sending Love, Light and Bright Blessings.