Sponsor a Tibetan monk

Would you be interested in Sponsoring a monk? Let me know, drop me an email and we can discuss what is involved.

I have to say from our point of view in the 20+ years we have been involved, it has been a pleasure to sponsor. We have learnt so much about the monks and their culture. For years we wrote by airmail but now with the new technology we are able to see them and speak to them via Whatsapp and email.

In the beginning the letters we received were very short but always very grateful for what we were doing for them. Bu as the years went by his english became more and more and the letters got longer.

Writing and speaking to us has helped them to develop language skills.

We have formed a very special bond between us. Ane we habve spent a couple of holidays in India visiting Sera Jey Monastery and staying in the Guest House. Meeting up with the monks in Januray in Bodh Gaya in northern India where the Dalai Lama held his Teachings.

Prior to that meeting we travelled parts of India with the monk, Tenzin. He helped us in so many ways to navigate in and around the places we visited, speaking the language and giving guidance in many ways.

So what started as the sponsoring of a Tibetan monk in Exile has turned out to be a lifelong friendship with all three of them. A wonderful friendship and love for them has developed.