Donate to the homeless and vulnerable

Thank you for reading my information relating to the homeless and vulnerable in Norwich.  If you would like to help us with buying supplies to make the hot mains and desserts, chocolate bars for the snack bags we make for them and/or buy items like sleeping bags, socks, underwear, hats, gloves, thermals, handwipes, toiletries both for male and sanitary items for the ladies …. THEN THIS IS THE PLACE TO SEND YOUR MONETARY DONATION.

We make drinks hot and cold. We also buy aluminium foils and disposable cutlery to transport the food to wherever it is needed.

In usual times some of our clients,  are fed at the Haymarket, Norwich and/or the food is taken by a Street Team on trolleys onto the streets to the places the clients are for the night. But at this time of the Covid-19, March 2020 onwards  we are cooking and sending the food and whatever is needed to a hotel in Norwich. Social distancing being respected.

During this Covid-19 – We, are a group of 6 people volunteering, 2 groups each cooking for 45 clients twice a week.  We volunteer along with other people, 52 weeks of the year with Anon Street Team-Norwich. 4 groups taking a turn to cook, on a rota,  every four weeks.

Also the clients with dogs, don’t let us forget them – we need to buy dog food.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. We truly do appreciate your support and I can assure you the homeless and vulnerable clients are so grateful for anything and everything we give them.

Please make sure your name is included, so I can send a Thank you on Social media.

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Donation Total: £5.00