The weeks, months and years go by but there is still the need for us to feed the homeless.

We continue to go out on a Sunday evening and feed the 90+ clients. Some of these are still homeless, some have accommodation but do not have the money to feed themselves and some are families that have fallen on hard times and Sunday night is a way to have a hot meal and pick up some much needed groceries.

Here is some past news, not much has changed ………………….. 5 July 2020 – Joy Elsley and some of her Group D team. This is their first Sunday evening out since lockdown Covid-19. A group stayed and fed some of the guys and the two Street Walking teams went out into Norwich to feed the guys on the streets. In total the group fed around 100 vulnerable and homeless people. There were lots of new faces on the streets since the last time Anon was out at the Haymarket, which was in March 2019, before Covid-19 lockdown.

Bottles of water kindly donated by CanO water and collected from Elstree by Geoff Dunk of GD Luxury Transport. Thank you both parties for your generosity. Some of these waters went out on Sunday evening.

12 July 2020 – Group B were out this Sunday. Once again some of us stayed in the centre of Norwich and fed the guys who came to us and the Street Walkers found some people on the streets wanting food. Toiletries, underwear and socks amongst other things were needed by some of the people.

Many expressed their appreciation for everything we do for them. Some hadn’t eaten for a few days so were very grateful for everything that was available. One young lady got very emotional at being given food and toiletries. She said she was emotional because she felt we cared for them and it was a long time since she had felt that from people.

I spoke to some of the people and they told me that they had accommodation but not enough money to feed themselves, even though they were receiving benefits.

We also bought more water. We give out anything between 70 to 100 bottles a night.
We bought mince this week with money that had been donated.